New Live Show Bookings

We’ll be filming Soul Auction & The Blind Surgeon’s Operation LIVE at Wie Gehts Amigos in Newcastle March 10th, complete with fog machine, laser and light show!


New Bookings for March!

We’ve just booked Hotel Royal for their track “Love Junkie” which we are shooting in Early March!

Going to be a gritty, tasteful, artsy rocknroll good time 🙂

Live Shows Galore!

This week we’ve filmed Bolero live at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto, and Before the Black Gates at the Doors Pub in Hamilton.

We’ll be adding both to our demo reel, so check out our brand new live music video demo reel coming later today!

Website Constructing!

We’ve been updating our website and will be adding lots more content and finished videos throughout the month.

Ax Media is Growing!

Ax Media Studios has absorbed GGH Motion Pictures music video division and has now obtained the rights to 2 music videos – Awesome!

Check out on our CLIENTS page:

Bolero – Pint’s Held High

In the Act of Violence – Place to Hide

Updates at Ax Media – New Bands!

We’re pleased to announce our newest clients:


*Crimson Shadows




Some very interested story lines and concepts, we can’t wait to get shooting!

Whats new at Ax Media

We are pleased to announce that we will be shooting a music video for Eclipse Eternal In February.

Had a fun time this past weekend shooting another music for In the Act of Violence. Stay tuned for the finished product!